Ergonomic Consultations for The Workplace

Most people find themselves experience discomfort and even injury due to the physical demands of the workplace. I help people understand and remedy their discomfort, pain, and injury by adjusting desks, seats and chairs, and body positioning. All adjustments are customized according to the specific workplace. Different workplaces have specific demands - dentists have different challenges than an administrative assistant. Find a specific customization and remedy for your discomfort - feel better and enjoy your work more as a result! 

Speaking Engagements 

Integrity and Ethics in Sport

Healthy Coaching for Children and Young Adults

The Olympic Spirit for Everyone and Every Place - Excel at Being You

Mindset Management and the Stress Correlation

What Women Need - A Performance Perspective 

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Your health is your most important commodity. Most people realize this when they encounter a health issue or illness. As an Olympian, I've lived a dedicated life devoted to studying and bettering health and wellness proactively in myself and others. I live it and I teach it. I help you discover a healthier self - this includes your body and physical health, your mindset, your workplace experience, your performance in any area of your life and your general approach to life. Sessions are done remotely via the phone, skype or other forms of videoconference and sessions can be arranged in person in the San Francisco area. Contact for more details.