Allison is an Olympic Silver Medalist (1996) and former World-Record Holder in the sport of swimming. Throughout her athletic career, she explored countless methods to improve health and performance. She enjoys leading people towards bettered performance and an improved experience of life and work. You can read more about her athletic achievements on wikipedia.

Coaching in three categories:

Workplace - personal coaching for the workplace environment. Customized coaching to help individuals navigate their mindsets and behaviors to most effectively perform at work.   

Body - ergonomics consultations, sport-specific movement and rehab program modification to speed up the rate of improvement.

Swim - technique coaching for any kind of swimmer.  

Along with being a successful athlete, Allison is also an artist (view current works here).

In development: World-Wide WaterSafe (WWS). Learn-to-swim programs for underserved communities. Aimed to launch by Fall 2016. The goal of WWS is to give everybody the chance to gain an education on how to be safe in the water.  

"This was my favorite achievement in the world of sport. I set this world record at the age of 16. It was one of the last races in a long competition shrouded by suspected drug use by Team China as you may be able to infer from the announcer's commentary.  I beat the girl on drugs and set a world record that stood for 15 years, one of the longest-standing records on the books. Crowds at these sorts of competitions don't usually unite in celebration, but on this day, at the end of that race, the entirety of the crowd erupted in applause." 

 – Allison Wagner