I love speaking about wellbeing, health, and sport. I currently offer talks in the following categories:

Talks for Children

For kids age 10 or 11 and up, schools, sport training centers, and/or club sport teams:

  • Promotion of Health

  • Importance of fair competition

  • Tips for sport participation and the pursuit of excellence

  • Sport as a method of personal empowerment

Talks for Adults

  • Tips for developing resilience effectively

  • Aligning health and work performance goals

  • Easy, quick, and practical ways to maintaining physical health, including exercises for strength and mobility to treat common desk and phone-related tightnesses, weaknesses, and discomfort.

  • Ancient Olympic founding principles in the modern world

University Talks

  • Lessons on current acceptable sport practices

  • Effective team and interpersonal behavior recommendations

  • Aligning health and sport performance goals

  • Tips for maintaining health during periods of high demand