Allison is an Olympic Silver Medalist (1996) and former World-Record Holder in the sport of swimming. Throughout her athletic career, she explored countless methods to improve health and performance. She enjoys passing along all of the information and skills that helped her become the best in the world and leading people towards better performance and an improved experience of life.  

Programs and services range from keynote speaking, workplace leadership and collaboration programs, ergonomics consultations, sport-specific movement and rehab program modification, and swim technique coaching. 


I set this world record at the age of 16. It was one of the last races in a long competition shrouded by suspected drug use by Team China as you may be able to infer from the announcer's commentary.  The announcer takes a while to wake up and realize what's happening, but this record stood for 15 years and the whole crowd was jubilant that a clean athlete finally won! I'm in lane 7, second from the bottom. Go USA!