Check out this great piece written by Karen Crouse in the New York Times published August 1, 2016 about Shirley Babashoff. I'm interviewed as a part of the article showcasing problems tied to doping in Olympic sport.

A radio interview with RTE in Ireland, scroll to the 1:11:24 mark to hear Marianne Limpert (Silver Medalist, 1996 Olympics 200 IM) and I interviewed about our experience with racing against the controversial athlete Michelle Smith (de Bruin) in the 1996 Olympic Games.  

An interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from Thursday July 28, 2016. 

My former teammate and friend Olympic Swimmer Nikki Dryden was interviewed by Bryant Gumbel as a part of the recent episode spotlighting doping in Olympic sport. Real Sports on HBO Episode 232. 



I lived in 7 different cities before high school and did most of my education and training in Gainesville, Florida. I later transitioned to studying at a meditation-centered college called Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. I studied art and psychology. As an athlete, I was an Olympic Silver Medalist, 13-Time National Champion, and World-Record Holder. For more about my athletic career, you can find me on wikipedia. I currently reside in San Francisco, CA. 

Professionally, I mentor people to improved performance. I use my experience as an athlete, training in Pilates and Active-Isolated Flexibility and Strength, and education in psychology and meditation to help individuals and groups.