My participation in sport completed years ago (Olympian '96), but the Olympic movement is still close to my heart. I'm particularly interested in anti-doping efforts and I believe that the Olympic movement needs a newly-formed, independently administered and funded policing force that enforces anti-doping standards and protocols. 

Please sign here to support a three-point plan for Olympic anti-doping reform. 

A snippet by Michael Moynihan of the Irish Examiner talking about how the Olympics are dirtier than ever.  

An interview by David Reider of Swimming World about anti-doping efforts and the role of athletes. 

Check out this great piece written by Karen Crouse in the New York Times published August 1, 2016 about Shirley Babashoff. 

A radio interview with RTE in Ireland, scroll to 1:11:24.

An interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from Thursday July 28, 2016. 

Real Sports on HBO Episode 232.  My former teammate and friend Olympic Swimmer Nikki Dryden was interviewed by Bryant Gumbel as a part of an episode spotlighting doping in Olympic sport.