Many people need to work together to protect the Olympic movement. One tough issue facing Olympic sport is systemic doping (doping programs administered by a country or governing body). I raced against multiple doping athletes during my reign as one of the world’s best medley swimmers. What most people don’t realize is that doping programs often involve the doping of children. I competed against many child athletes who were being doped without their knowledge which was as upsetting as it was unfair. Could you imagine finding out years after your Olympic career that you had been doped and that you may face a multitude of health-related issues that typically result from the use of performance-enhancing drugs? Or that the health-related issues you already deal with are most likely caused by the drugs your coach or trainer told you were vitamins or herbs? I have met and known many athletes who are living this experience.

Check out these panels and interviews if you’re interested in this topic:

A panel interview with Travis Tygart, CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency about doping in Olympic sport.

A panel with Caitlyn Jenner and George Papandreou of the Government of Greece discussing changes needed in the Olympic movement.

An article and interview with Ben Jervey in GOOD magazine about competing against performance-enhancing drugs.

An interview with David Reider of Swimming World about the role of athletes in anti-doping efforts.

This article about Shirley Babashoff, American Olympic swimmer of the 1976 Montreal Games, is great for a bit of insight about the birthplace of systemic doping in the modern Olympic era.

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