Hi and thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit about me, my athletic career, and causes I care about:

I grew up in Texas, Virginia, Heidelberg and Berlin, Germany, Maryland, and Gainesville, Florida as the daughter of a JAG Corps Lieutenant Colonel in the Army (father) and a spunky teacher and artist (mother). My childhood revolved around wandering around outdoors, academics, sport, art, and humor. My parents insisted my brothers and I played at least one sport. They both grew up surrounded by people who didn’t take care of their health, so they were determined to teach their children otherwise. At the age of 7, there were three options for me to choose from for sport participation: softball, soccer, and swimming. I took to swimming more naturally and I loved to race. After a few years, I started winning races more regularly as a part of the European Forces Swim League representing the Heidelberg Sea Lions and the Berlin Barracudas. Back stateside, I continued on as a member of the University of Maryland Baltimore County Retrievers. At 12, I moved to Gainesville, Florida and was immersed in a very sports-oriented environment while training at the facilities at the University of Florida. At the age of 14 at the 1992 U.S. Olympic Trials, I jumped from being tied for 71st place in the country in the 200 meter breastroke to placing 5th in the final race of the competition. At that point, I realized that the Olympic dream may actually be possible for me. I devoted as much time as possible to training while also being enrolled in the demanding curriculum of the International Baccalaureate educational program. In high school, I was known as the quiet girl napping in empty classrooms during lunch break. Amongst my teammates in training for the Atlanta Olympic Games, I was known for unusual “dry-land” training methods, winning races by "touching people out," as one of the few swimmers Olympian Anthony Nesty welcomed to train in his lane, for pioneering the use of a new back-to-breast medley transition turn, and for setting a world record while winning a world championship race. I have a lot of great memories of teammates who acted like older brothers, intense practice sessions, pranks, and a lot of laughter. There is also a wikipedia entry here about my time as a swimmer.

Photo by Stephen McCarthy:Web Summit via Sportsfile.jpg

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I’m passionate about regenerative carbon removal systems, promoting health, the improvement of American public education K-12, and Olympism. I’m also a hobbyist bird-watcher, cook, crafter, music-lover, and artist.

Image credits - TOP: Black and white, warming up for a competition, USA Swimming. On the Atlanta 1996 Olympic podium: Doug Mills/Associated Press. BELOW: Me on stage, Stephen McCarthy/Web Summit. Me and Art of the Olympian members and WABN: my own.